Bee, dragonfly, flower and leaf necklace. Fine and sterling silver. Handmade.


Bee, dragonfly and flower and leaf necklace. Fine and sterling silver. Handmade.



This is a stunning necklace with a selection of a bee, dragonflies, flowers and leaves.

The bee, dragonflies and flowers have been handmade by the Karen tribal people who live between Burma and Thailand. I travel to buy silver pieces from them directly. The silver quality of the entire necklace, the flower and all the other beads is extremely high, it is all fine silver which is 98% purity. The only parts of the necklace which are not fine silver are the 2 tiny finishing beads, which are sterling silver (92.5%), and the wire inside.

The necklace is 16.5" long. I can alter the length if needed.

The wire inside the necklace is the best professional jewellery wire available and I import it from the US. It drapes well without being stiff, and at the same time is extremely strong.

I am the designer of this necklace and I have put it together with my own hands. I have been making my living exclusively from designing and  making jewellery for 9 years. I travel every year to seek out old and tribal silver from Asia and India along with semi-precious stones. Back at home in Brighton, England,  I make these loose pieces up into beautiful and unusal jewellery.

Every item will be send beautifully packaged in a cotton gift bag made especially for me by a women's self help group in India.



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