Do you guarantee your jewellery? 

Yes! I use the very best materials for stringing and finishing all of the homemade jewellery, and I also check everything carefully after making. However, if any of the homemade jewellery does break due to the materials or work, I will repair it free of charge for a year after you bought it.

I would like a necklace or bracelet made to a different size. Is that possible?

Yes. I am happy to alter the length of both bracelets and necklaces. There is  no extra charge.

When you place an order, send me a message letting me know the length you would like. I'll send an email back confirming that I received the instructions, before I send out the jewellery.

Does the jewellery come in gift packaging?

Yes. All the jewellery will be sent in lovely cotton gift bags. I support a Women's Self Help group in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh in North India. These women make the gift bags especially for me. 

What is hilltribe silver?

Hilltribe silver is made by the Karen tribal people who live on the border between Burma and Thailand.
They make very beautiful silver beads and charms, flowers and bees. All are handcrafted. The silver quality is very high, 96-98%, pure, which is purer than sterling silver at 92.5%. Any silver quality higher than sterling silver is known as 'fine silver'.
(100% pure silver is not possible for jewellery as it would be too soft and would lose it's shape quickly. For this reason it always has to be mixed with something to harden it. Hilltribe silver is not mixed with nickel or any product that could cause allergies.)
I buy these beautiful silver pieces from the Karen people directly. Then, I make these loose pieces up into jewellery of my own designs.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay using any Visa or Mastercard, or with a PayPal account.