Old silver choker. Solid fine silver. Indian tribal, Rajasthan. Antique.


This is a genuine old silver Indian choker.
The choker is made entirely of extremely pure fine silver (98%). It is solid, not hollow. Because it is solid, it is also slightly flexible, so it can be opened and closed a little for fitting onto the neck if necessary. Generally after an initial adjustment it can be pushed on to the neck and will feel very secure when on. It has been made it fit an average size adult woman's neck.
It has been handmade and worn by the tribal gypsy people in Rajasthan, Northern India. It is approx 100 -150 years old. I bought it in Rajasthan.
The choker weighs 79g. At it's widest point it is 13.5 cm across between the outside edges, 12.5 cm across between the inside edges. At the front the choker is 8mm wide, and 7 mm deep. The gap at the opening is 6.75 cm.