Thai Buddha pendant. Red. Sitting buddha. Silver hoop.


Thai Buddha pendant. Red. Sitting buddha. Silver hoop.



This is a red Buddha pendant, set in metal with a fine silver hoop..

This pendant shows the Buddha in a sitting meditation position. From the appearance of the pendant I think it might be an old one, but as I don't speak Thai, and bought it from a Thai lady in a market, I can't be sure. For the same reason I'm also not sure what the red material is, or what the metal is surrounding the pendant. The hoop at the top has been added by me, and is solid fine silver.

 I will send the pendant on an adjustable length sturdy cotton cord. The silver hoop at the top of the pendant can be opened and closed again around a silver chain, if you prefer to use one.

From the top of the hoop, the pendant is 3.5 cm long, and 2 cm across. 

 I travel every year to seek out old and tribal silver from Asia and India along with semi-precious stones. Back at home in Brighton, England,  I make these loose pieces up into beautiful and unusal jewellery.

Every item will be send beautifully packaged in a cotton gift bag made especially for me by a women's self help group in India.



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