Tibetan pendant/stone. Tzi/zee bead style stone on cord.Black and white.


This is a Tibetan necklace stone in the style of the famous tzi/zee beads. (Please note that it is new, and is not a antique Tzi bead which would cost thousands of pounds). I bought it in Bodhgaya (the town where the Buddha was enlightened in India), from a Tibetan with a road side stall. He was on pilgrimage and selling items he had brought down from Tibet to fund his trip.

 I will send the stone on an adjustable length of sturdy cotton cord. 

The stone is  3.5 cm across, and  1.8 cm high.


 I have been making my living exclusively from designing and  making jewellery for 9 years. I travel every year to seek out old and tribal silver from Asia and India along with semi-precious stones. Back at home in Brighton, England,  I make these loose pieces up into beautiful and unusual jewellery.

Every item will be sent beautifully packaged in a cotton gift bag made especially for me by a women's self help group in India.


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